How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed according to your Lifestyle?

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed according to your Lifestyle?

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed according to your Lifestyle?

Dogs make trustworthy pets, whenever a person thinks about getting a pet. The first question that comes to mind is which dog breed will be the perfect fit for the family. The prospective dog owner needs to do a lot of research to find the perfect Dog Breed.

Here is a list of things one has to take in consideration, before visiting the pet store:

Taking care of the Dog’s Living Space:

As a dog owner, it is important to take care of the basic necessities of your new family member and provide them with a proper space in your house.

  • If you are living in an undersized space and do not have that much capacity, a Beagle or Pocket Beagle is a good option _ this is a gentle British breed.  
  • For those who own huge living spaces, can go for a Labrador or Golden Retriever, since these breeds are larger in weight and size.

Your Family:

You might find the perfect match at the pet shop, but will your family be able to deal with it?

If you got children in your household, you should buy a breed that is fine with kids. We suggest Labradors or Golden Retrievers because they are child-friendly. They will take less time to mix up with new people, both children and grown-ups.

Dog’s Breed and Management Skills:

You have to choose the dog breed according to your family management skills.

  • If your family equally helps in taking care of your dog, you may get an energetic Mexican breed like a Chihuahua.
  • However, if your family is not into dogs, you have to get a comfortable breed that does not need much engagement, such as the Basset Hound.
  • If you have a large family or got frequent visitors coming to the house, you should avoid getting shy breeds like Sussex Spaniel _ they would need a lot of time to get comfortable.
  • Nowadays, most households have a busy life, due to freelance and work-from-home opportunities. In such case, it is best to get a gentle dog breed that needs less grooming; such as the Chinese Crested.
  • Finally, you do not want to trigger allergies; therefore, it is best to have a detailed discussion with your family to determine the right breed.

Your Lifestyle & the Dog Breed:

Your lifestyle plays a substantial role; therefore, you must choose the dog breed accordingly.

  • If you prefer a lazy and comfortable life, just go for breeds like Mastiffs or Irish Wolfhounds.
  • If your lifestyle is highly energetic and active, you can handle breeds like Huskies or Border Collies _ as they both are hyperactive and need daily workouts.

Dog Grooming and Maintenance:

Dog grooming and maintenance play a huge role in their upbringing; long-haired breed like Afghan Hound needs more maintenance, care and time.

Dog’s Breeds and Activity level:

Every Breed has a different activity level and other characteristics; some of them are discussed below: –

Large Breeds:

Labrador, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are excellent choices if you have bigger space and are ready to make them exercise regularly.

Medium Breeds:

Breeds like Beagles and Bulldogs are average in size and activity level, also they are great for families.

Small Breeds:

French bulldogs, chihuahuas and shih tzus are small breed dogs that can fit in small spaces and demand less exercise.

Traveling and Dog’s Breed:

Many people like traveling and they take their dogs along. Some important travelling tips need to be understood before traveling with your dog, therefore you must do proper homework.

Dogs with the New Environments:

Dogs cannot easily adjust to new environments, but King Charles Spaniels and Cavaliers breeds can efficiently adjust to new environments.

Dog Breed and Airline Protocols:

Pekingese and Shih Tzu breeds are small in size, so they can efficiently adjust with airline weight and size limits.


Long-haired breed dogs like Afghan Hounds are from Afghanistan and can handle severe temperatures. In colder climates, their thick coat can be an advantage but they still need supervision.

Dog’s Anxiety of Separation:

If you travel alone, you should not go for Bichon Frise. This breed is clingy and can develop separation anxiety in your absence.

Dog Care:

Dog Care is really important and knowing about your dog’s health issues beforehand is a must. You can consult a veterinarian or do your research, to look for the possible downsides mentioned below:

Genetic Health Concerns:

Some breeds come with health issues:

  • Great Danes are vulnerable to hip problems and will need chiropractor checkups.
  • Bulldogs usually have nose difficulties.

Pay attention to genetic health concerns before buying any dog breed, so you can provide them better care and right attention.

Dog’s Allergies:

Like humans, dogs can also develop strange allergies. Bichon Frises and Poodles are hypoallergenic breeds; they do not itch a lot, shed less and have lower dandruff. If you suffer from allergies, you should you should go for these breeds.

Seasonal / Environmental Allergies:

These usually come from your home, backyard and anywhere else your dog spends time. It is believed that these allergies are caused by pollens, animal fibers, dust mites or mold spores that can leads to breathing problems in dogs.

Flea Allergies:

Dogs are allergic to fleas. In fact, a bite or two from those tiny monsters can send your canine friend into an itching frenzy.

Dog Food and Allergies:

Dog food can trigger allergies as well. Check your dog’s feed and examine if they contain proteins or grains. If your dog has any kind of allergy, consult the vet and feed your dog according to the prescribed diet plan.

Wrap Up: We have discussed the Perfect Dog Breed according to your lifestyle. Once your personal and family lifestyle is comfortable with the breed, it is time to have your dedicated dog move in with you. Finally, do not underestimate the importance of grooming and other basic necessities of your dog. This article, paired with your research, will help you make the right choice in getting a dog.

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