10 Common Mistakes New Pet Owners Make

10 Common Mistakes New Pet Owners Make

10 Common Mistakes New Pet Owners Make

Whenever a new Pet is carried home, the pet owners have high expectations that their pet will always obey them, and remain attractive. But when their pet turns against their anticipations and shows disobedient and irritating behavior. The Pet owners get confused that they are taking care of all the necessities of their pet so why does he/she behave suspiciously? Well, it is not their pet’s fault, the owner might be making some mistakes unintentionally.

New Pet Owners:

The new pet owner mostly makes common mistakes, and because of these mistakes, they are facing the outcomes of their pet’s behavior. If you are a new pet owner and want to avoid initial mistakes you should give it a read.

In this blog, we will discuss the 10 common mistakes, new pet owners make.

Improper Bathe:

Pets don’t like bathing so much, especially cats, and bathing them in the wrong way irritates them more. Calm your pet first, then take a lukewarm water, and take special pet soap and shampoo, if your pet has any skin disease or infection consult their vet and use products that suit your pet’s skin.

Always prioritize their consent. Bathe them appropriately, if they are not comfortable with your bathing technique try to change it or take a little pause, and divert their attention.

Don’t Adopt a Pet just because of promising glances:

Most of the time, people see pet photos on online forums and they get inspired by their looks, so they decide to adopt them. Don’t adopt a Pet just because of good looks. Pet owners should have researched their age, way of living, fitness, health, and breed. So, they can take care of them accordingly.

Forced socializing:

Pets don’t like forced socializing. Some of the tips have been shared to save your pet from forced socializing.

  • Some guests are scared of pets, so avoid taking them in front of your pet. because their screaming and furious behavior frightened your pet.
  • Kids get attracted by pets, so when they meet with your pet they start hugging and cuddling continuously and make your pet uncomfortable. try to keep underaged kids away from pets it is good for both.
  • Don’t make your pet wear fancy clothes, to show off their looks. it will suffocate them and also risk their blood circulation. and don’t force them to do such acts just because you want to show how good and cute your pet is. Let them live their way.

No appropriate home rules:

Home rules play a very important role in your pet’s life. If you have children and you give complete freedom to your children whatever they want to do in the house they can commit. No sleeping schedule, zero-time management, and Unhealthy Eating habits you don’t do this with your child. Pets are also like your children. You have to set strict rules to give them a healthy and good life.

Evade Training:

Pet owners sometimes take their training for granted; they think their pet is a baby now so they will train them later. Don’t wait for too long start training them at an early age, it will help them to start understanding life better. Show your outrage if they do not follow your instructions. It is a part of the training session.

Disregard the changes in the pet’s behavior:

Whenever you find certain changes in your pet like he/she feels less energetic, frightened, frustrated, or furious. Don’t ignore it and consult a Vet as soon as possible something might disturb them or your pet is suffering from some disease.

Reward and Retribution:

Appreciation and Punishment both are equally important. Reward them when they do something good. For Example;

  • If your pet proceeds washroom on time. You should appreciate this act.
  • Give them their favorite food as a treat.
  • Take your pet out at their favorite place.
  • Play with your pet with his/her favorite game.

Some people prefer not to give any penalty to their pets because they are not humans but they are wrong. this act plays a vital role in your pet’s upbringing.

For Example:

  • Cats don’t like heavy noises, when they do something wrong tap your foot strongly on the floor so they will know that you are angry, and will avoid that blunder further.
  • If your pet does something wrong, divert your attention and affection with your pet for a while, after doing this act your pet may realize that they did something wrong.
  • But never raise a hand in your pet.


Pet Food and Over-feeding:

Pet Food plays a massive role in their development and growth. The Pet Owners have a big responsibility in specifying the diets of their pets, always pay attention you are providing the complete nutrition of your pet’s appetites. because over-feeding causes obesity and it is bad for their health. You must quit them when they are full and provide their meal at flexible timings and portions.


Taking their medical care for granted:

If you own a Pet, it is a significant commitment to take care of their health. A healthy pet lives a cheerful and energetic life. Don’t own a pet if you are not capable of taking care of their medical costs or you don’t have time for this.

Ignore playing/exercising:

If your pet doesn’t play daily, it will make him/her lazy. Daily exercise is important for your pet take them outdoors if they like or play with them indoors.

For Example: if you have a cat, the cat loves climbing take a tower toy and let your cat play with it while climbing it is also beneficial for her muscles.


 The relationship between a pet and his/her owner is considered the same as the relationship with a human, it is proven physiologically also, they share a massive emotional attachment.

Pet owners can avoid some of these mistakes and make their relationships powerful and more delightful with their Pets. And can provide their pets with a healthy lifestyle.

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