Wholesale Price

Wholesale Prices

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Pet Food & Accessories
S.NoProduct NameSizeWholesale RateSuggested Retail
1Hifur Canned Cat Food – Beef400gm
2Hifur Canned Cat Food – Chicken400gm
3Hifur Canned Cat Food – Fish & Vegetable400gm
4Hifur Canned Cat Food – Salmon400gm
5Maximate Canned Dog Food – Active400gm
6Maximate Canned Dog Food – Beef400gm
7Maximate Canned Dog Food – Chicken & Turkey400gm
8Maximate Canned Puppy Food – Chicken & Eggs400gm
9Nicky Adult Cat Food – Chicken8kg
10PetCool Adult Cat Food – Chicken20kg
11PetCool Adult Dog Food – Daily Fresh20kg
12PetCool Puppy Food – Junior with Chicken & Rice 20kg
13Me-O Cat Litter Coffee Scented20L
14Me-O Cat Litter Coffee Scented25L
15Me-O Cat Litter Lemon Scented20L
16Me-O Cat Litter Lemon Scented25L
17Me-O Cat Litter Apple Scented 20L
18Me-O Cat Litter Apple Scented 25L
19Bentonite Cat Litter – Apple25L
20Bentonite Cat Litter – Lemon25L
21Bentonite Cat Litter – Lavender25L
22Pack of 6 Bentonite Cat Litter - Lavender30L
23SmartHeart Mynah Bird Food400gm
24SmartHeart Mynah Bird Food1kg
25SmartHeart Mynah Bird Food20kg
26Smartheart Parrot Bird Food400gm
27Smartheart Parrot Bird Food20kg
28Cuties Catz Adult Cat Food - Seafood8kg
29Cuties Catz Adult Cat Food - Tuna & Shrimp8kg
30Cuties Catz Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Tuna8kg
31Cuties Catz Adult Cat Food - Tuna8kg
32Cuties Catz Adult Cat Food - Chicken8kg
33Osaka Green-1 Fish Food100gm
34Osaka Green-1 Fish Food200gm
35Super Nova Fish Food20gm
36Super Nova Fish Food100gm
37Super Nova Fish Food200gm
38Optimum Tropical Fish Food 20gm
39Optimum Tropical Fish Food 100gm
40Optimum Tropical Fish Food 200gm
41Optimum Tropical Fish Food 1.5kg
42Optimum Fish Food – Betta20gm
43Optimum Fish Food - Cichlid100gm
44Optimum Fish Food - Cichlid300gm
45Optimum Fish Food 3 In 1 Spirulina 6%100gm
46Optimum Fish Food 3 In 1 Spirulina 6%800gm
47Optimum HI PRO - Super Color1.5kg
48Optimum HI PRO – Staple1.5kg
49Optimum HI PRO - Growth & Color1.5kg
50Optimum HI PRO – Wheat Germ1.5kg
51Optimum HI PRO - Hi Growth1.5kg
52Vitta Maxx Adult Dog Food - Chicken15kg
53Vitta Maxx Adult Dog Food - Beef15kg
54Vitta Maxx Adult Cat Food - Seafood8kg
55Vitta Maxx Adult Cat Food - Tuna8kg
56SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Seafood1.2kg
57SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Seafood3kg
58SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Seafood7kg
59SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Tuna & Shrimp1.2kg
60SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Tuna & Shrimp3kg
61SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Tuna & Shrimp7kg
62SmartHeart Adult Cat Food – Chicken & Tuna1.2kg
63SmartHeart Adult Cat Food – Chicken & Tuna3kg
64SmartHeart Adult Cat Food – Chicken & Tuna7kg
65SmartHeart Mother & Baby Cat Food1.1kg
66SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Tuna in Jelly85gm
67SmartHeart Kitten Food - Chicken, Fish, Egg & Milk1.1kg
68SmartHeart Kitten Food - Chicken, Fish, Egg & Milk7kg
69SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Hairball Control Formula1.1kg
70SmartHeart Kitten Food - Tuna in Jelly85gm
71SmartHeart Adult Cat Food - Chicken With Rice & Tuna85gm
72SmartHeart Canned Cat Food - Tuna in Jelly400gm
73SmartHeart Creamy Treats – Squid Flavour60gm
74SmartHeart Creamy Treats – Tuna Flavour60gm
75SmartHeart Creamy Treats – Salmon Flavour60gm
76SmartHeart Creamy Treats – Chicken Flavour60gm
77SmartHeart Adult Dog Food - Roast Beef Flavor3kg
78SmartHeart Adult Dog Food - Roast Beef Flavor15kg
79SmartHeart Adult Dog Food - Roast Beef Flavor20kg
80SmartHeart Adult Dog Food – Chicken & Egg3kg
81SmartHeart Adult Dog Food – Chicken & Egg15kg
82SmartHeart Adult Dog Food – Chicken & Egg20kg
83SmartHeart Puppy Food – Beef & Milk Flavor3kg
84SmartHeart Puppy Food – Chicken, Egg & Milk Flavor3kg
85SmartHeart Canned Dog Food - Chicken & Liver400gm
86SmartHeart Canned Dog Food - Beef & Liver400gm
87SmartHeart Adult Dog Food - Power Pack10kg
88SmartHeart Adult Dog Food - Power Pack20kg
89SmartHeart Puppy Food - Power Pack10kg
90SmartHeart Puppy Food - Power Pack20kg
91Me-O Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Vegetable450gm
92Me-O Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Vegetable1.2kg
93Me-O Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Vegetable3kg
94Me-O Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Vegetable7kg
95Me-O Adult Cat Food - Chicken & Vegetable20kg
96Me-O Adult Cat Food - Seafood450gm
97Me-O Adult Cat Food - Seafood1.2kg
98Me-O Adult Cat Food - Seafood3kg
99Me-O Adult Cat Food - Seafood7kg
100Me-O Adult Cat Food - Seafood20kg
101Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna450gm
102Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna1.2kg
103Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna3kg
104Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna7kg
105Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna20kg
106Me-O Adult Cat Food – Beef & Vegetable1.2kg
107Me-O Adult Cat Food – Beef & Vegetable7kg
108Me-O Adult Cat Food - Mackerel1.2kg
109Me-O Adult Cat Food - Mackerel7kg
110Me-O Kitten Food – Ocean Fish1.1kg
111Me-O Kitten Food – Ocean Fish7kg
112Me-O Mother & Baby Cat Food1.1kg
113Me-O Kitten Food – Persian1.1kg
114Me-O Adult Cat Food – Persian – Anti Hair Ball Formula1.1kg
115Me-O Adult Cat Food – Persian – Anti Hair Ball Formula7kg
116Me-O Canned Cat Food - Seafood400gm
117Me-O Canned Cat Food - Sardine400gm
118Me-O Canned Cat Food – Tuna400gm
119Me-O Kitten Food – Tuna80gm
120Me-O Adult Cat Food – Tuna & Whitefish80gm
121Me-O Adult Cat Food - Tuna80gm
122Me-O Cat Food - Beef Chunk in Jelly80gm
123Me-O Cat Food – Chicken Chunk in Gravy80gm
124Me-O Cat Food – Tuna with Chicken in Jelly80gm
125Me-O Cat Food – Sardine with Chicken and Rice80gm
126Me-O Creamy Treats – Salmon Flavor60gm
127Me-O Creamy Treats – Chicken & Liver Flavor60gm
128Me-O Creamy Treats – Crab Flavor60gm
129Me-O Creamy Treats – Bonito Flavor60gm
130Me-O Creamy Treats – Maguro Flavor60gm
131Me-O Creamy Treats – Katsuo Flavor60gm
132Me-O Creamy Treats – Tuna with Scallop Flavor60gm
133Stainless Steel Bowl15cm
134Stainless Steel Bowl18cm
135Stainless Steel Bowl22cm
136Stainless Steel Bowl26cm
137Stainless Steel Bowl30cm
138Stainless Steel Bowl34cm
139Cat Litter with ScoopSmall (40*30*18)
140Cat Carrier48*32*32cm
141Cat Litter Full Box with Scoop53*41*41cm
142Denim Pet Leash1.0*120cm
143Denim Pet Leash1.5*120cm
144Denim Pet Leash2.0*120cm
145Denim Pet Leash2.5*120cm
146Chain Leash with Collar2x120cm
147Chain Leash with Collar2.5x120cm
148Chain Leash with Collar3x120cm
149Chain Leash with Collar4x120cm
150Double Dog Coupler Twin Lead 22.5mm*40cm
151Double Dog Coupler Twin Lead 23.0mm*50cm
152Double Dog Coupler Twin Lead 23.5mm*60cm
153Double Dog Coupler Twin Lead 24.0mm*70cm
154Body Harness1x120cm
155Body Harness1.5x120cm
156Body Harness2x120cm
157Body Harness2.5x120cm
158Cat Litter Shovel25*9cm
159Foldable Silicone Pet Water Bowl With HandleΦ 13cm
160Cat Litter Tub with Free Scoop52*36*21.5cm
161Adjustable Dog Safety MuzzleM
162Adjustable Dog Safety MuzzleL
163Adjustable Dog Safety MuzzleXL
164Adjustable Dog Safety MuzzleXXL
165Cat Collar with Bell1.0cm,length 19-32cm
166Cat Glitter Collar with Bell1.0cm,length 19-32cm
167Cat collar with bow1.0cm,length 19-32cm
168Pet Nail Trimmer with Filer12*4.2cm
169Pet Nail Cutter with Filer (Small)13*6cm
170Pet Nail Cutter with Filer (Medium)16.5*6.5cm
171Pet Double-sided Comb19*5.2cm
172Pet bathing hand glove 23.2*17.2cm
173Pet Carrier Set38*24*18cm
174Pet Carrier Set45*29*23cm
175Pet Carrier Set54*30*24cm
176Pet Carrier Backpack Set of 330x25x42cm
177Automatic Retractable Dog leash3M
178Automatic Retractable Dog leash5M
179Dog Chew Bone4 inches,4pcs/bag
180Plastic Brush Dog12.5*8cm
181Pet Comb17*8.8cm
182Warm Pet Bed SofaS 45*40cm
183Warm Pet Bed SofaM 55*50cm
184Washable Pet Summer Bed70*55cm
185Pet Sleeping Mat85*69cm
186Pet Sleeping Mat108*90cm
187Dog Chew Toy Balls6.5CM
188Cat Crucian Carp Chew Toy20cm
189Cat Clown Fish Chew Toy20cm
190Cat Feather Wire Toy Stick105cm
191Dog Chew Toys18*8cm
192Metal Wire Hamster Cage23*17*15cm
193Heavy Duty Dog Leash2*55cm
194Soft Dog Leather Harness with LeashBust 32-40 Neck 24-32 Drawstring 120*1.5cm
195Soft Dog Leather Harness with LeashBust 42-50 Neck 32-40 Drawstring 120*1.5cm
196Soft Dog Leather Harness with LeashBust 50-58 Neck 40-48 Drawstring 120*1.5cm
197Leather 3 pcs Pet Collar, Harness and Leash51*5.0cm
198Leather 3 pcs Pet Collar, Harness and Leash56*5.0cm
199Leather 3 pcs Pet Collar, Harness and Leash61*5.0cm
200Leather 3 pcs Pet Collar, Harness and Leash66*5.0cm
201Pink Leather Studded Dog Harness35--45cm
202Mesh Adjustable Pet Harness with LeashS
203Mesh Adjustable Pet Harness with LeashM
204Mesh Adjustable Pet Harness with LeashL
205Mesh Adjustable Pet Harness with LeashXL
206Cat Face Cat Litter Scoop28*10.5*3cm / 46g
207Cat Litter Scoop25*9*4cm / 30g